Criminal Law

The Process of your criminal defense case:

An arrest is made – You are taken to jail or given a notice to appear in Court. This is only the beginning of the process and is the most important time to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. First Appearance – You must within a 24- hour period appear before a judge where an initial bond will be set on your case. West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Samuel R. Miller will appear with you and argue to have your bond set lower than if you were without an attorney. Before Charges are officially filed – Timing is crucial at this phase of the process. Aggressive, immediate action against the prosecution is vital to reduce charges or eliminate charges altogether. Prior to the prosecutor making a final decision after your arrest, Samuel R. Miller will advocate your version of events so the prosecutor will not rely solely on the police version of events. Discovery - West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Samuel R. Miller will begin gathering evidence, witness statements and legal research favorable to your position. This evidence and Law will be provided to the prosecution to mitigate the charges against you and demonstrate the strength of your defense. Charges and Plea of Not Guilty – If the prosecutor still elects to formally file charges against you, Samuel R. Miller will plead not guilty for you and begin to negotiate and work for the most favorable disposition for your case. Trial – Ultimately, if a favorable disposition cannot be achieved, Samuel R. Miller will take your case to trial.