Motorcycle accidents

Living in the highly populated sunshine state, motorcycle drivers are especially susceptible to motor vehicle drivers’ negligence. Drivers not double checking for motorcycles or failing to use due care when operating their vehicles can very well put motorcyclists in dire circumstances very quickly, and these circumstances can quite possibly result in serious injury and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured while operating a motorcycle, contact the Miller Injury Law Firm for a free consultation today.

One might say that not having a metallic shell surrounding your body while traversing terrain at great speed would not be a wise thing to do. In the case of a motorcycle, the only shell that would serve as a protective shield would be your clothes and your helmet. Nonetheless, what would life be if we were only concerned with safety?

By riding a motorcycle, you are engaging in one of the riskiest activities possible, outside of being in a war zone. Everyone in the traffic is stronger than you, more armored than you, while your only line of protection is clothing and a helmet. Given those dangerous conditions, it can’t be understated how careful, considerate, reactive, and perceptive a motorcycle driver must be.

The horrible statistics speak for themselves:

In 2/3 of all motorcycle accidents involving a car, the car driver was responsible for violating the motorcycle rider’s right of way, thus causing the accident. Motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than a passenger in a car. Motorcycle drivers are 5 times more likely to be injured than other participants in the traffic.

The trends don’t seem to be getting any better with improved technology, as motorcyclists face unique challenges when they participate in regular traffic:

It’s harder for other traffic participants to spot a motorcyclist; they themselves are a visually small object, in addition to the likelihood of being obscured by other vehicles, or weather conditions. Intersections are especially a deadly trap for motorcyclists; an astonishing 70% of all motorcycle vs. vehicle crashes occurs at intersections.

Road hazards that might cause a barely perceived bump or a skid for a car, can be a death sentence for a motorcycle rider: potholes, debris, oil spills, rain puddles, hard garbage, dilapidated pavement, and roads etc.

The inherent instability of a motorcycle compared to a four-wheeled vehicle. These are commonly known as “speed wobble” accidents, where the front of the motorcycle becomes unstable to the point of shaking. This can happen either due to the misalignment between the rear and front tires or due to the faulty maintenance of the motorcycle. Under the product liability, manufacturers could be held responsible for such accidents.

Superior physical fitness. Riding a motorcycle requires a much higher degree of alertness, stamina, concentration, and physical coordination than any car driver would need. Even the slightest slip of attention on the part of the motorcycle rider can be the difference between life and death. That’s why the confidence of many motorcyclists is highly exaggerated, and one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents.

Due to the inherently risky nature of motorcycling, determining legal responsibility is often fraught with difficulty. The potential monetary compensation is dependent on the degree of negligence, motorcycle defects, and even the motorcycle design and power if, for example, can be shown that a motorcycle is designed in such a way to contribute to a higher rate of accidents and injury. In all cases involving motorcycle accidents, it’s critical to hire an accomplished legal team specialized in this area.

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