You might be casually riding an Uber, and all of a sudden, you encounter an accident due to the driver’s negligence. Not only is it dangerous, but it is also very unfortunate, and your plans for the day could end up getting ruined due to carelessness and recklessness on someone else’s part. However, some things can be done in such a situation. At the Miller Injury Law Firm, we have assembled the perfect team to tackle such accidents’ legal matters.

If you have just been in an Uber Accident in Florida and you are wondering how you should proceed with the matter, our small guide will prove to be immensely helpful. If you are on the receiving end of the injuries caused by an Uber Vehicle, here are the few small steps that you need to take to make the most out of a bad situation and deal with it accordingly.


Immediately seek medical treatment.

Regardless of how bad your injuries are, the very first thing you should prioritize after being involved in an accident is your health. Immediately visit the nearest hospital and go to the emergency room. Make sure the team at the hospital performs a thorough check-up to not mistakenly overlook any internal injuries. If you feel any pain in a specific part of your body, make sure you tell the doctors about it so they can examine the area more closely. Please do not shy away from telling the doctors anything and tell them about everywhere you are experiencing pain, regardless of the magnitude of pain.


Hire an Attorney

Once you are done with the hectic visit to the hospital and are finally in a more relaxed state, you must reach out to an attorney. Not only will your attorney try their best to win the case in your favor and get you the maximum possible compensation and create an ideal situation for you, but they will also help you deal with insurance companies. When it comes to accidents, there are a lot of costs that can come with an accident. However, filing a claim to your insurance company can help you gain some monetary compensation to make it easier to deal with life after the accident.


The Law Regarding Filing Claims

It is common knowledge that there is a time limit within which the insurance claim must be filed, or else it could be declared void. However, this time limit is not fixed and varies over different cities and jurisdictions. According to the laws currently prevailing in Florida, accident victims have a maximum of four years within which they should file the claim. However, this law applies to accidents caused by automotive, and there might be slight tweaks when it comes to accidents involving other modes of traveling like Uber or Lyft. The attorney you hire will look into it and give you a more detailed account of this, depending on your case.

Like filing a claim within a certain amount of time, there is also a time limit within which you should get your medical check-up done. If this pre-specified period is exceeded, you will no longer be eligible for receiving any medical compensation from the insurance company. In Florida, if a person visits the hospital 14 days after the accident, they will not be considered by the insurance company, so it is recommended to go to the hospital immediately.


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We can say without a doubt that hiring an attorney is the right approach since numerous technicalities need to be looked into and several other things that require a person’s attention. Hire one of our reputable attorneys and let us take the burden from your shoulders to ours while we help you get back on your feet.